Tiny - Brass Pocket Fountain Pen


By Loclen

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Color: Raw Brass

Tiny is a fountain pen made in brass.

Inspired by its sister Evolution, it shares the same minimalistic design, and with a length of only 9.5 cm it is the ultimate fountain pocket pen.

It features a removable ring at the end of the barrel which can be unscrewed to allow for the pen to be posted. Once removed and the pen posted, it can be screwed to the front of the barrel or simply put away.

Tiny is handmade in Italy and its compact design allows it to take only international standard cartridges. It comes equipped with two ink cartridges, and a Schmidt stainless steel nib.

It comes in three finishings: raw brass, black, and chrome and with the option of four types of nib: EF,F,M,B.

Product Details

Writing system: Fountain

Material: Brass

Lenght closed: 9.5 cm

Lenght posted: 13 cm

Weight: 27 g


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Handmade product
Life-time warranty
Personalized engraving available
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Award winning design

Featured in pen's world magazine, Evolution is the quintessential minimalistic pen.

Mix between classic and futuristic style, if you are looking for a pen that attracts attention look no further.

Consistent look

The ring placed at the end of the barrel, once unscrewed, allows the posting of the pen.

The ring can then, if desired, be screwed in turn in the front part, so as to further cover the thread of the nib section where the index finger rests.

Change it up on the go

Tired of always writing with a fountain pen but want to keep using your new favorite pen?

Evolution is compatible with the roller nib, easy to change, use the same converter so you can continue with the same ink from where you left off.

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