We produce high quality writing instruments distinguished by having a different and innovative design, aimed to satisfy anyone who loves writing and enjoys the feeling of holding a nice object.

Each pen is designed and hand crafted in Veneto, Italy.

Where there is passion there is quality and innovation, this is the main reason that gives our pens a superior value.

Passion and innovation in writing instruments.

With this slogan we emphasize the two most important values of our work: passion and creativity.

We exist for the passion and love of making pens, and our ultimate goal is to deliver something unique and innovative.

Design Innovation

Our pens are characterized by having a unique and innovative design. We stand out from the competition by designing pens that perfectly meet the contemporary demand of everyone who is passionate about writing instruments and is looking for something different, cool and functional.

Pure Craftmanship

Entering Loclen’s workshop, in the countryside near Venice in Italy, is like going back to the 60’s.

There is no mass production here, or huge numeric controlled machinery, but instead state of the art traditional lathes and mills where each production phase is made by the hands of skillful and passionate artisans.

A place that instills passion for the tools, the equipment, and the machinery where each pen is still made the old-fashioned way.

We have been selling our pens since 2008, they can be seen in Pen World Magazine, the world leading publication for writing instruments.

We also expose at the most important US Pen Shows like the Washington DC pen Show and the Los Angeles Pen Show and every year in January we expose at the Paper World in Frankfurt, Germany. 

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Thank you for your interest in our pens and we look forward to hearing from you soon.