Tekno Twist - Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil

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Color: Raw Brass

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Tekno is available as ballpoint and mechanical pencil.

Sharing the same features with the other Tekno pens, but sporting a barrel with a unique "twisted" design. 

Entirely made in brass and sporting a schmidt twist action mechanism it is the perfect fit for every occasion.

The pencil version supports 0.5 and 0.7 lead sizes, and features a removable cap at the end of the barrel where the eraser is placed. The Ballpoint is equipped with G2 Parker Style Schmidt refill.

Tekno is handmade in Italy and available in three finishings: raw brass, matte black, and brushed chrome.

Product Details

Writing system: Ballpoint or Mechanical pencil

Material: Brass

Lenght closed: 13.6 cm

Lenght posted: 13.6 cm

Weight: 33 g


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We produce each pen individually by hand, putting quality and attention to detail in the first place in order to bring you an instrument that is unique.

Artisian Craft

We are a small family business, which with creativity and passion has carved out its space among the manufacturers of writing instruments.

Unlike other brands, we don't do mass production; all parts of the pen except for nib and converter, are handmade by us.

This also means that the delivery times can
be longer than average, but we strongly believe that there is no substitute for the value and quality of handmade products.

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